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Live World is Prime Circle's eight album release. This album is very different by bringing their tour straight into your speakers with 25 live recordings done in several countries over the world over their 17 year music career. This album truly captures what this touring band is all about.


Hello Crazy World

Artist: Prime Circle
Label: David Gresham Records
Release Date: 2002
Genres: Alternative, Rock

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Hello Crazy World... because it was my first one! I was 19 then and at 36, I still love it and listen to it often!


Love every song on the album!



1. Same Goes For You Buy Track
2. Hello Buy Track
3. As Long As I Am Here Buy Track
4. Crazy World Buy Track
5. Inside Out Buy Track
6. Standing Buy Track
7. Father Buy Track
8. Shed My Skin Buy Track
9. My Inspiration Buy Track
10. Nice to Know You Buy Track
11. In My Head Buy Track
12. Lose Tomorrow Buy Track
13. Let Me Go Buy Track
14. Weaker Still Buy Track

About Album

Hello Crazy World is the debut album of South African rock band Prime Circle, an award-winning band that originated in Johannesburg.

The record reached platinum figures in South Africa and was released via David Gresham Records. The 2002 album spawned the single “Hello, followed by “Same Goes For You”, “As Long As I Am Here” and “Let Me Go”.

In 2003, the Deluxe version of some editions of the album were accompanied by a bonus disc which featured acoustic versions of four tracks and one additional track, entitled “Daydreamer (What Are You On)”.